Greetings from New Orleans German Shepherd Rescue

New Orleans German Shepherd Rescue is in need of donations to help us pay for the veterinary bills for four GSDs we  recently took into rescue. Summer is a young female GSD who came into rescue from the Jefferson shelter with an embedded collar. Thanks to the experienced eye of Dr Melius at Metairie Small Animal, Summer was diagnosed with tetinus. She required expensive critical care for four weeks and a $1,500 vet bill.  Our second special needs rescue from the LA/SPCA. Nola, had a huge mammary tumor removed and on October 19th, she had another small mass removed. Her biopsy came back as mammary cancer and she will require lots of follow up and chemo. She will also have to have extensive dental care due to the terrible condition of her teeth. We estimate her total bill will be over $4,00.00  Recently we were contacted by a vet’s office who had a client who brought their 10 week old GSD puppy in to be euthanized due to a PRAA(persistent right aortic arch) that was causing her to regurgitate her food. Without surgery, her chances of survival were slim. We had Dr Lang at MedVet operate on Phoenix last week and all went well. That was a $3,000 expense. Finally, Trixie recently came into NOGSR with a similar story as Phoenix. Her owner could not afford the surgery to repair Trixi’s broken leg and they asked that she be euthanized. Again we stepped up and after another $3,000 surgery, we saved Trixie’s life.  Finally, we are helping to pay for the surgery for a male GSD named Rainy, who will have an FHO next week. Thankfully, the incredible woman who found Rainy, took it upon herself to raise money to help pay for the surgery. What she doesn’t raise, we will pay the balance.We could have let these dogs die, but we stepped up to help. However, the cost to save their lives is huge. Without donations, we can’t continue to help GSDs in our community who are in need. We pride ourselves on not just taking the healthy GSDs, but are willing to save the lives of German shepherds who are ill or broken and who, without our help, would die.

We can’t thank the entire staff at MedVet New Orleans and Metairie Small Animal Hospital enough for the incredible care they give all our wounded dogs we bring through their doors and especially, we want to thank Dr Lang for her surgical skills and big heart. To donate, our paypal link can be found by clicking on our  “donate” prompt and to foster, please email

To all of our adopters, lovers of German shepherds and followers of NOGSR,  I want to thank you for the continued support you give New Orleans German Shepherd Rescue. It was a very busy and successful year for us. We started out with Benne (story below) and ended the year placing the sweetest female GSD named, Ruby, into the perfect  home. Ruby was relinquished to a shelter because she “shed too much”.  In between, we rescued  39 GSDs from the LA/SPCA alone, four from the Jefferson shelter and several dogs were re-homed by us for their current guardians. Many of our rescues had serious medical issues such as broken bones(Jordan), emergency life-saving surgery (Benne),terrible skin conditions(Lilly and Shep), cancer (Simon) and 70% had to be treated for heartworms. We pride ourselves for doing everything medically possible when we take a GSD into rescue, but it costs tens of thousands of dollars each year to do that and since our adoption fee never covers our expenses for each dog we take into rescue, donations are needed so we can continue to save German shepherds.

I’ve never been great about asking for donations, but because I will not be able to self-fund NOGSR as much as I have in the past (we are now retirees),  we will have to reach out to friends of NOGSR. We will be looking for individuals who might be interested in grant writing or helping us with formal fund-raising efforts. I’m excited about taking NOGSR to a new level and welcome any ideas anyone might have to increase donations, develop a more formal foster home program, set up a Facebook page and any other ideas to make us better at what we do.

To contribute to our cause,  please see our “donate” link in the menu  at the top right of our home page. There you  can donate through our secure PayPal account or email me,, for a mailing address or to join our efforts.

I love helping this breed. To me there is no greater joy than taking in a dog like Benne, getting him well and finding him the perfect home. It will be 13 years next year that NOGSR has been in operation and very soon, we will  place our 1000th GSD. I wish that I could say that NOGSR is no longer needed and that we no longer have a problem with GSDs being abandoned or unclaimed at our shelters, but if this year is any example, it is getting worse not better. We will be here to help GSDs in our local area and with your help, we will even be a better organization than we have been in the past.

Finally, throughout the year we receive heartfelt messages from adopters letting us know that the German shepherd they adopted from us has gone to the rainbow bridge. Most of these dogs were adopted before Katrina so they had long and happy lives with their new families and we thank the wonderful adopters for giving these dogs a love-filled second chance.

In loving memory, we said good-bye to:

Saint, Rambo, Archie, Cleo, Jasper, Lucky, Lucy, Hildegard, Rowen and Lucy Hirsh

Thank you all for loving this amazing breed of dog.

Toby Burroughs
President, New Orleans German Shepherd Rescue

*Peace*Love*and*German shepherds*